Issue No. 37 Saturday, March 20, 2010
Travel Chaos Looming Over the Easter Break

britclub.caA three-day strike by British Airways cabin crews affecting thousands of travellers is going ahead after last-ditch talks between the airline's management and union leaders collapsed..........

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Beware - Expats Could Face Tax Bills Even If Not Resident in the UK

Over one million people have left the UK to live abroad in the last six years. Many of these, and many of the estimated several million more who have left the UK over the past 20 years, do not realise that they could still be liable to UK tax.........

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Calling all Cricket Fans

"We are a social team and the lighthearted and friendly atmosphere means that each time we play we have fun while keeping fit and improving our game. We are an ideal club for adults of all ages (16+) and no matter what your experience; from Beginner to ex-pro we welcome all players with an interest in playing Cricket." .........

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The Future Looks Bleak for Britain

Although the UK economy is finally growing after a prolonged recession, that growth is so fragile that many fear it will give way to a second, deeper contraction. Britons are downcast and there is little enthusiasm for their leaders, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and leader of the opposition David Cameron.........

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News in Brief

Mephedrone: From plant food to Britainís party drug , Boy from Britain Gets Ground-Breaking Stem Cell Operation , David Starkey bemoans Britain's 'feral children' , Expatriates pounded by pension court ruling , UK Easter strikes will disrupt much of the country , UK Easter strikes will disrupt much of the country

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Iceland Announces Switch to Hydrogen-Fuel Starting with All 7 Cars on Island

Iceland, the quiet island country in the middle of the North Atlantic that was probably responsible for sinking the Titanic.........

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