Issue No. 31 Thursday, June 11, 2009
Anglos Panic in Montreal Panic is spreading throughout the Anglophone community as Louise Harel announced she's running for Mayor of Montreal. The news was greeted with a 13 per cent drop in house prices in the West End as many Anglophones went into “referendum panic mode”.

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April’s “Woot!” du Mois

Real Old Fashion British Style
“Fish & Chips”
(Lightly coated in a crispy beer batter and served with creamy coleslaw, lemon, tartar sauce and the finest home made fries you will find anywhere. We have Malt Vinegar as well)
3239 Route Harwood
Tel: 4 5 0  2 0 2  0 7 0 9
(in the Petrocanada Center next to the factory outlets)

Very Important Pension Information

Did you know that You qualify for a full state pension in the UK after only 30 years of paying full national insurance contributions?

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News in Brief

Setanta In Trouble , Is a UK economic recovery in sight? , UK could phase out “best before” labels , 43 More Swine Flu Cases Reported in Britain , Ottawa to seek biometric data on visitors , Britain's disappearing naval base

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Blackadder - the 2nd best British comedy of all time

BBC comedy Blackadder was voted the 2nd best British comedy of all time (after Only Fools and Horses). Here are some great quotes -

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