Issue No. 30 Friday, May 8, 2009
UK's income gap widest since 60s Britain under Gordon Brown is a more unequal country than at any time since modern records began in the early 1960s, after the incomes of the poor fell and those of the rich rose in the three years after the 2005 general election.

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UK workers "becoming overskilled"

There are now too few jobs for UK graduates, and the gap between the supply of high-level workers and jobs for them is growing, a report suggests. The report by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills says businesses need to show more vision and be more ambitious to offer highly skilled jobs.

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April’s “Woot!” du Mois

Real Old Fashion British Style
“Fish & Chips”
(Lightly coated in a crispy beer batter and served with creamy coleslaw, lemon, tartar sauce and the finest home made fries you will find anywhere. We have Malt Vinegar as well)
3239 Route Harwood
Tel: 4 5 0  2 0 2  0 7 0 9
(in the Petrocanada Center next to the factory outlets)

UK immigration is essential for the country’s future success

The researcher explains that it is essential that the UK maintains its reputation as a good place to live in order to attract young foreign workers to safeguard the future of the economy, as the population ages and fertility rates slow.

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News in Brief

Canadian province uses Northumberland beach images to promote tourism , Children living in poverty in Wales is highest in the UK , U.K. Ministers Face Questions Over Expense Claims , UK swine flu genetics unravelled , Chelsea match Referee Ovrebo smuggled out of the UK , U.K. economy not responding to Bank's stimulus , UK officer hailed New York hero

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Britain closed indefinitely due to snow

Here is a great take on the Snowfall in the UK in February 2009:

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