Issue No. 29 Thursday, April 23, 2009
Halting the Decline - Chancellor Announces Tax Increases

britclub.caAlistair Darling, has increased taxes to control Britains spiralling deficit. This fate likely awaits Canada as surplus turns to deficits as the world economic crisis continues.

The U.K.'s budget deficit was forecast to almost double to a record £175-billion ($313.8-billion) this fiscal year, equivalent to 12.5% of gross domestic product, as a result of government spending to soften the impact of the recession.

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Is the Britsh or US Billion Right?

Believe it or not the disagreement is all the fault of the French!

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April’s “Woot!” du Mois

Real Old Fashion British Style
“Fish & Chips”
(Lightly coated in a crispy beer batter and served with creamy coleslaw, lemon, tartar sauce and the finest home made fries you will find anywhere. We have Malt Vinegar as well)
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So Where Does All the Money Go?

In 2008 £93million of taxpayers' money was claimed by MPs. However, this revelation has been eclipsed by two more facts:

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George who?

Apart form being my youngest brother's birthday April 23rd is St Georges Day. However, a new survey has revealed that seven out of 10 young people in England have no idea when St George's Day is and 1 in 8 people find it embarrassing to see the St George Cross flying.

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News in Brief

British pubs ravaged by new taxes , France to open new Calais 'welcome' centres for migrants , UK to bid for Mars sample centre , UK schools to be closed for Islamic holidays , Google accused of UK tax dodge , UK to rule on parole for 'Great Train Robber'

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Introducing Stavros Flatly & Son

If you do nothing else at all today, watch this. I challenge you not to laugh.

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